Joyner Lucas does it again!!! Joyner Lucas – Gucci Gang (Remix)

[embedyt][/embedyt] Joyner Lucas does it again, out of nowhere he drops another dope project. Gucci Gang is a remix is a straight destruction of Lil Pump’s Gucci Gang.. Whether Lil pump will respond, the answer should be “NO”. Lil Pump is lyrically illiterate compared to Joyner Lucas. Rap killed Hip Hop and Artists with […]

Digitize your Hustle

[full_width padding=”20px 50px 0 50px”]Learn how to take your hustle to the next level. It doesn’t matter what kind of business, brand, or blog you want to start first step is location location location.  If you’re starting your own business online same sh*t applies.  So before you start whatever business or service you want to […]