The Hustlers’ Manifesto

Between these pages is some of the most controversial, informational, and inspirational content you’ll ever read and or hear in your life, however it’s based on history, facts, philosophy, strategies, and everyday life experiences.  When I started writing this manifesto I thought about who these words will reach, how the information will impact their life, and the overall value of the content. Fact is every person in this world has a different purpose, a different journey, and a different path to take, and regardless of the path or the journey you choose to walk in life somewhere along the way we all step in some shit.  However what determines the strong from the weak, those who succeed or those who fail, is if you decide to wipe the shit off your shoes and keep going or if you decide to give up and quit. My grandfather was one of the most prolific businessman I knew, a real hustler and one of the most important things he ever told me was you don’t fail until you quit. That really stuck with me, so hell would have to freeze over before I ever give up, quit, or accept failure as an option. I wrote this for those people like me. The people who refuse to give up, refuse to accept failure as an option, the people who are willing to not only work but also learn how to make the system work for them to create their own vision of success.

I know what works for me might not work for you. I also know you can learn something from people successes or their fuck ups. For example when I was growing up I stayed across the street from a guy named Mr. Robert he worked on cars but he also smoked crack and there were two things I learned from him: one was how to change the alternator in my car and the second was I never want to smoke crack. Fact is we pick and choose the information we want to absorb and apply to our lives. Reality is some of us either don’t know or just choose to absorb and or apply the wrong shit. By now I’m pretty sure everyone has heard the phrase knowledge is power, well information and education are the keys to obtaining knowledge. Needless to say this manifesto is a collection of keys, created and design to not only give the readers access but also strategies and formulas to help them apply what they learn.